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Regarding GOMECA, you have questions.
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Guarantees on the workforce

Warranty time

All of our GOMECA Technicians are experienced professionals who are committed to the quality of their work and guaranteeing the services they deliver.

Whatever the service you reserve at GOMECA, the GOMECA Technician that you select to perform this service will offer a 12-month warranty “parts and labor”.

Do you want to use your warranty?

In order to benefit from your guarantee, all you have to do is look into the technician who will have made the service, with the original of your invoice.

What the warranty covers "Parts and labor":

The guarantee covers the “elimination” free title of any spare parts mounted by a GOMECA technician or reparation by a technician & GOMECA, recently discovered on the client’s initiative & GOMECA, as well as damages caused by this defectuosit from other parts or parts of the vehicle, by repairing or replacing the damaged part, under the conditions set out below:

– The warranty does not cover the indirect consequences of a possible lack of spare parts (loss of operation, etc.),

– To benefit from the guarantee, the customer must contact the GOMECA technician in which he / she has been informed. performed the service. It belongs to the technician GOMECA to decide whether or not to repair or replace the damaged part or repair deemed to be disgraceful.

– The client will submit the invoice certifying that the intervention has been completed. done at this technician.

The warranty does not apply and the technician GOMECA is disrupted of any responsibility eacute when:

– The defect found is due to the boredom of another organ of the vehicle,

– The vehicle has been used in conditions which do not conform to those prescribed by the manufacturer (example: overloading, engagement of the vehicle in a sports competition of any nature whatsoever).

The parts replaced under the warranty automatically become the property of the owner. Technician GOMECA.

Si vous avez besoin d’aide malgré toutes ses réponses sur notre garage mobile, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. 

Pour toutes questions contactez nous au gomecafrance@gmail.com 

Appelez nous au 09 67 37 81 41

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