The founders

One fusion

The founders are two men who have joined forces to create GOMECA FRANCE.

They decided to combine their career in one project.

Two partners

First partner



I’m happy to help you

I have been in the concept of home mechanics for 6 years. It is a growing and innovative market. I wish to extend it on the national territory.

10 years experience in mechanics.

For 32 years I am in the trade,

I am a specialist in the recruitment and management of more than 50 people.

2nd associate

Christian RENET

General manager

2nd associate

Christian RENET

General manager

For 32 years I am in the trade,

I am a specialist in the recruitment and management of more than 50 people.

The company


is proud to present its concept to satisfy you as much as possible.


5 000€





Creation date


Our promise GOMECA

Our know-how, our knowledge, at your disposal wherever you are.

Our passion for two wheels and four wheels so that we can satisfy you as quickly as possible.

Our experience and service for your complete satisfaction.

Guarantees parts and labor.

Our partners

They helped us with this great project.

Here are the last mechanics

come to Gomeca France

07 81 15 64 46 - Waseer Madar

Mechanic, your vehicle is in the hands of a passionate and efficient one.

06 98 63 13 05 - Mersch Julien

“Mechanic for 3 years, passionate since my childhood of mechanics, I will come to you quickly to repair your vehicle ..”

06 21 29 24 64 - Dylan Corbier

 “Corbier Dylan, 21 years old and car mechanic since 4 years in Cannes”

06 24 37 30 83 - Brian Demaria

“Mechanic, mechanical CAP in pocket, I like to help the client and advise him to have the best conditions.”

06 47 78 49 40 - Philippe Bapte

“Mechanic since my youngest age, with me a good diagnosis gives a good repair and a satisfied customer.”

07 83 98 65 00 - Filipe SANTOS

“Mechanic, having learned mechanics with my father since the age of 12, I have a proven experience of 15 years”

They have contributed to this project for so many years, I am serene to see finally this desire accomplished

Brigitte Talmant, the founder’s family

Spare parts supplier


Up to 50% off on your spare parts.

We have a one year warranty for your spare parts.

GOMECA FRANCE le garage mobile

Number 1 at home mechanic

Our Philosophy

We are committed to fulfilling your desires.

We hope this experience will be the best you could have had.

Our Mission

To reassure you on the road is our priority.

Our seniority is our strength.

Available everywhere

In the national network.

Our vision

We certify that with GOMECA France your car will be repaired as quickly as possible, no more worries about your car safety.

Our clients

They trust us until today.


Automotive Geometry Specialist.

One of our partners to make the geometry of your vehicles.

Max Pneu 34

Sale of new and used tires from 15 €


Sud Marquage


Our partner Flyers / Vehicle Marking.

2C Racing

Association racing

It is one of our partner, we are their sponsor.


A Garage just for you, wherever you are.

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